Jest tekstem stosowanym jako przykładowy wypełniacz w przemyśle poligraficznym. Został po raz pierwszy użyty w XV w. przez nieznanego drukarza do wypełnienia tekstem próbnej książki.

Pięć wieków później zaczął być używany przemyśle elektronicznym, pozostając praktycznie niezmienionym.

Turtle beach

There is a special place in Cyprus where you can relax without crowds of people, and at the same time observe the extraordinary life of turtles.

Away from the holiday entertainment

Lara Beach (Lara Beach, Lara Bay) is located on the west coast of Cyprus, in the Paphos region, at the entrance to the Akamas peninsula. Reaching it is not easy, as there is a road leading to the beach that can put more delicate cars at risk. That’s why it’s best to consider a four-wheel-drive car, a minibus or a boat. But the effort of getting there will be rewarded with beautiful views, as well as peace and quiet.

The beach is located in a protected area, so the focus was on the maximum naturalness of the place. Extensive beach and catering infrastructure has been dispensed with. There are no umbrellas, bars and entertainment complexes. Here the most important thing is wild nature. Therefore, this place can be recommended primarily to those who like to relax in nature, away from the amused party lovers and bored fans of additional attractions.

Those who decide to come here can count on a wide sandy beach with a gentle and safe descent to the sea. The water is crystal clear and the views are soothing. The whole place gives the impression of of a paradisiacal corner on an island that is, however, famous for its more entertaining and crowded beaches.

For spring and autumn

The uniqueness of this beach also lies in the fact that it is the beach that the green turtles (Chelonia mydas) and caretta (Caretta caretta) have chosen for themselves as a place to lay their eggs. Every year in early summer they come out of the sea and bury their eggs in the sand. Until the baby turtles hatch and pass into the sea, the beach becomes a protective zone. Special protective cages are erected where the turtle eggs lie, and access to the beach is allowed only with a guide. This is important, because there are many dangers lurking for baby turtles. On average, only one in ten turtles freshly hatched from eggs will happily reach the sea. The entire turtle hatching process is taken care of by employees of the research station located at the beach. They also make sure that people do not pose a threat to the animals at this important moment for them.

For this reason, beachcombing at Lara Bay is most enjoyable in late spring and early autumn, when the weather already allows sun and water bathing, and the beach still belongs to people, not turtles. In summer, it is worth going there rather to observe nature. Lucky people who have seen turtles on the beach or in the coastal waters repeat that it was worth every effort in getting to this remarkable place.

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