Jest tekstem stosowanym jako przykładowy wypełniacz w przemyśle poligraficznym. Został po raz pierwszy użyty w XV w. przez nieznanego drukarza do wypełnienia tekstem próbnej książki.

Pięć wieków później zaczął być używany przemyśle elektronicznym, pozostając praktycznie niezmienionym.

Akamas Peninsula, a wild corner of Cyprus

If you’re tired of crowded beaches, relax in peace and nature. In Cyprus, you’ll find them on a small peninsula near Paphos.

The Akamas Peninsula is the westernmost part of the island. It owes its name to mythology; Akamas was the son of Theseus, best known for defeating the Minotaur with the help of Ariadne. The small area of the peninsula also has no shortage of other mythological references, but about that in a moment. Why is it worth coming here? First of all, for the tranquility and beautiful views, but also to see a wild piece of Cyprus, the local flora and fauna. The peninsula is home to many endemic species, and you can see the Cypriot goldenrod and the Cypriot sage, among others, as well as peep at local birds such as the Cyprus pokeweed and the Cypriot whitethroat. The nature reserve guarantees respite and immersion in nature. This can be done gently with a picnic or a walk, or you can raise the bar and go trekking. And there are plenty of opportunities, because although the peninsula is not large, there is no shortage of trails to wander around it.

Walk ahead

Time for more mythological themes. The paved road ends at a place called Aphrodite’s Baths. Actually, it’s not baths, rather a small pond next to a grotto, where Aphrodite is said to have bathed when the beautiful Adonis passed that way. A glimpse was all it took for the love story to begin. The baths are the start of two hiking trails called – what a surprise – the Aphrodite trail and the Adonis trail. Both are just over 7 kilometers long, with the easier Aphrodite’s route partially running over the sea, while the Adonis route winds through the hills inland. Here it is worth mentioning that the peninsula is not flat, and if you do not choose to go along the coast, you may face considerable differences in height. But it’s worth it, because the peaks offer the most beautiful views.

From the Smigies picnic area you can arrange two easy walking routes, the shorter one about 2.5 km, the longer one 6 km. The longer one leads past old mines and magnesium plants, and partly through a dense forest, which can bring a pleasant respite on hot days. From the same picnic area leads the light walking route Pissouromoutti, which provides plenty of beautiful views. Advanced walkers, on the other hand, can make a several-kilometer walk along the coast from the baths to Cape Arnaoutis at the very end of the peninsula, from where there is a beautiful view.

The peninsula can also be explored by bicycle to some extent. A good bicycle and good fitness are required due to the different surfaces and varying altitudes. The route from Paphos to Aphrodite’s Bath with an average level of difficulty is 37 km, while the difficult route from Polis to the lighthouse is 22 km and leads through hills, among other things.

Avakas Gorge

For those bored with coastal views or tired of the sun, an excellent option would be a walk through the Avagas Gorge along the Avgas River, which, depending on the season, can also be a small stream. People there are few, but the high limestone walls of the gorge, wild animals and beautiful vegetation provide an extraordinary experience. The walk gradates the tension. It begins simply with a path in the valley, then there is a wide passage between the rocks, after which the space narrows and the atmosphere becomes more interesting. From time to time there is information about the local vegetation, including endemic ones, and lizards and goats, for example, appear on the paths. Although the route is not difficult, it requires attention, as there are falling stones, and your feet slip on wet stones. Decent, comfortable shoes will come in handy. And plenty of drinking water, as the air trapped between the high rocks is hot and can tire you out. The basic route is just over a kilometer, but you can extend it for yourself by overcoming boulders blocking comfortable passage.

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